VBS 2019 will be June 17-22!

Check back in late Winter/early Spring when we announce our theme for 2019!


The theme for VBS 2018 was SADDLE UP.  The idea is that God’s ways work. No matter where you are or where you’ve been, He’s been there.  Even if you’re in a desert, on a mountaintop, on the edge of a cliff, in a valley, in a meadow, way too far upstream, in the daylight or the dark, just starting out or way far away from home, He has a way.  His ways WORK! His words are TRUE. All along the way and every single day, He will be with us leading us along. God’s plans are fresh and new and waiting for us to saddle up and follow Him. His ways ALWAYS lead us to greater good than we could have found on our own.  So saddle up for GOOD!


about vbs

VBS is five full days (9am-5pm) of F-U-N during one of the first weeks of summer!  Kids will experience everything from art and sports to assemblies and over-the-top themed events.  They’ll have lunchtime entertainment, participate in teams of 7-10, learn how to work together, make tons of friends, be encouraged and built up by their team leaders and helpers.  Our entire campus is turned into an oversized fun zone where they learn just how much the God-Who-made-up-fun-in-the-first-place, loves them.

Our VBS is based on the Bible saying God thinks about us every moment and has great things planned for our lives.  We aim to help kid understand what “good plans” feel like--with fun and action dripping out of every second! They’re gonna have a rip-roaring good time with all we have in store.  Art and games and dynamic productions, admirable characters they’ll grow to love throughout the week, small group interactions with their teams and caring adult leaders, unforgettable special events, and all built around valuable life principles.  Our hope is they’ll have an extraordinary week filled with encouragement and life-altering moments, and come home with dirty clothes and full hearts.


VBS is F-U-N:

Action-packed Activities
Unforgettable Special Events
Dynamic Productions
Exciting Characters
Admirable Role Models
Caring Adult Team Leaders
Small Group Interaction
Dedicated Staff and Volunteers
Valuable Life Principles
Fun and Safe Environment

We think very highly of children here at The Coastlands. We hope your child will feel safe, known, and cared for. And we hope they will experience the thrill of their lives and come to understand what God thinks about them.   God has filled our lives, and we are so happy to give of all we’ve gotten. And truth be told, there’s a debate as to whether the kids or the adults have more fun at VBS.  It’s always hard to tell…