The Coastlands International Internship program is a training program for individuals, and/or couples, who are looking for a short-term, in-depth, and concentrated discipleship experience that will propel them in their ministry. Our program consists of instruction, hands-on ministry experience and a community living situation. Interns will have the opportunity of serving in various situations throughout the body of our local church.

Primary Goals of the Internship







The Coastlands Philosophy and Approach to Ministry

The Coastlands’ philosophy of ministry is essentially summed up in our mission statement of Love, Mend, Train, Send. This is the same philosophy of ministry that is the basis for the Internship Program. We desire to help accelerate each person’s individual growth in the Lord. Since it is out of one’s own experience with God that ministry happens, our program is directed toward developing a person’s character.

Those involved will be viewed as disciples rather than as students; they will be discipled more than they will be taught. Our approach is more to lead than to lecture, more to give hands-on experience that just instruction. We emphasize the making of disciples rather than the teaching of students.

We also believe that we have all been called to minister; we can all learn and adopt a lifestyle of ministry so that no matter what our vocation is, our purpose and call is the same: to reconcile the world to their loving Father. This way of living takes great diligence, awareness and purposefulness.  

The Internship Program is designed to be a time where you will set aside what would be your normal life routine, normal conveniences, and dedicate your time to fervently seeking what the Lord would want to do in and through your life. In doing this, you make so much room for the Lord to work in ways that are deep, wide and extensive. We do not believe that the Lord’s power and work is at all limited by anything, such as our normal lives and schedules, but rather, we believe and have experienced that the more we purpose to press into God’s work in our lives, the more growth we experience.

Key Elements

This program is much like an apprenticeship. Interns work with, and are personally and intentionally mentored/discipled by, staff members, pastors, and the program directors. In assessing applicants we put a high value on a cheerful heart of service, a contagious faith and an eagerness to receive what God would have to teach them.

  • We offer 1 year, 6 months or Summer Internships. The one-year internship costs $4,000 and the six-month option costs $2,500, and the Summer program costs $1,000.

  • We are now offering two different emphases for the internship: Worship and Children’s Ministries. Much of the environment of your internship will be the same as a regular internship track, but the hands-on work you take part in will have an emphasis in the area of your choice and you’ll have the opportunity to be involved more deeply in those areas.

  • Applicants should be at least 21 years of age and have demonstrated for the previous six months that they are fully committed to their local church. They must also have established relationship with pastoral staff members and have the recommendation of a pastor.

  • The internship is a full-time training program, requiring 45 to 60 hours per week of participation.

  • All interns will live on campus; housing and food are provided, and are included in the programs cost. Interns are individually responsible for all other expenses, including transportation, all personal amenities, and entertainment. Interns must obtain health insurance coverage for their entire stay and show proof of coverage upon arrival.

Contact Us

If you are interested in this program, we would love to hear from you! Please send us an email that includes:

  • Your name and age.

  • If you are interested in a specific Internship emphasis.

  • The name of your home church.

  • A bit of your story -- who you are, what you do, what kinds of things interest you -- and whatever else you'd like us to know about you!

  • Why you are interested in this program.

    • Please email this information to our Intern Director, Jean Miller: