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Missions at The Coastlands is about relationships. Over the years, The Coastlands has had the honor of being engaged in over 30 countries across the globe. We want to invest for the long-haul with churches, pastors, and leaders that we believe God has called us to encourage.

Building relationships is a strategy we’ve found it to be fruitful and life-giving over several decades, both for our church and those with whom we serve. The Foursquare movements in the Netherlands and Switzerland, for example, were both launched out of simple, relational encouragement from our church’s leaders over a period of time. 

We believe that ordinary people can have incredible impact in others’ lives. The process of raising up ministry leaders is helping more people believe that as well. By sending teams of such “ordinary” people, both our leaders and others are mutually inspired by one another’s example.

People at The Coastlands commonly testify about the life-changing power of serving. That’s why we are eager to help out with needs are in the local church we’re visiting. Whether we are helping to paint an office, clean out a shed, or share what we have learned — we believe that ministry is supposed to be personal rather than programmatic. When it’s feasible during mission trips, we arrange to stay in the homes of other church member. That’s where the best conversations happen!

Our sincere hope and prayer is that each team is a blessing to our friends who labor so faithfully around the world. We are incredibly honored to partner with them and are humbled by their willingness to allow us into their churches, homes, and lives. 

We do not come as experts to teach, but as friends who share what Jesus has done in our lives.