Help Them Understand Their Design

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In Ezekiel 40-42, the prophet relates a vision from God in which He describes in great detail the precise measurements and unique characteristics of the temple. Pastor Evan Brown mines the depths of what could otherwise seem an extensive (and boring) list of specs in order to extract key discipleship principles. Principle one: the design of the temple in all its precision, intricacy & beauty is analogous to each follower of Jesus. God has created us with great purpose and has uniquely capacitated us to purposefully influence others. God gave the vision to one (Ezekiel), in order to share it with his many hearers. Principle two: Discipleship includes helping people see sin in their lives they are blind to. When we allow God’s Spirit to bring us conviction, and choose to walk in repentance, God reveals more of who/how He designed us to be. Principle three: As God’s Spirit filled His temple, so too does He fill us; we are temples of the Holy Spirit. The more we surrender ourselves to this process of being filled in order to influence others, the more we will experience rivers of living water flowing from us.