The Reward of Worship

This week our worship leader, Collin Brown, wraps up the teaching series on worship with a question: “Are we being led by fear or by faith?” This is an important consideration because God rewards those who diligently seek (search out, crave, long for, worship) Him. Worship can be as much anticipatory as reflective: we celebrate God for what He will do, as well as for what He has done. Because He was faithful to fulfil promises and provide for us in the past, we can rely on Him to meet our needs in the future as well. Worship precedes breakthrough.


What's broken, laid bare, or in ruins in your life? Is the enemy taking advantage of these fragmented areas of your heart in order to add insult to injury, and keep you in a dry, barren place? Worship God from these places of brokenness, and declare them His. He wants to rebuild and restore you!