The Effects and Longevity of Idolatry

Pastor Evan Brown continues his series  on” idolatry”.  Drawing from a humorous section of Isaiah 44, Evan explains the significance of the Old Testament warnings and instructions in our life today. While we probably don’t  struggle with forming objects out of wood and praying to them, the readout, patterns and instruction given to God’s children in the Old Testament are relevant for us today! Why? Because we can let other ‘things or people’ attempt to comfort and secure us, other than God actually doing those things. 

We can find ourselves “feeding on ashes” rather that enjoy the feast God would invite us to.  If you find yourself saying, “is this or that really that big of deal?" about certain things in life you spend your time, focus or energy on, this teaching  may give you the tools to help you discern if there maybe some idols in you life that have been robbing you blind.