Conflict of Kings, Part 4: Solomon's Breadth of Heart

How is it that Solomon, who is known for his great God-given wisdom, struggled so much with passion? This conflict of his heart eventually led him away from God for part of his life, missing out on the satisfaction only God can give.

When is passion a healthy part of our life, and when does it cause problems for us?   Evan examines the original instruction giving for the  kings of Israel and Solomon’s disregard for those instructions, resulting in Solomon’s amassing silver, gold, horses and wives for himself. Evan proposed three questions to help guide us in understanding the role and pursuit of resources in our lives today:

  • What is the purpose of your resource:  time and money, knowledge? 
  • What is the role of your resource in the mission God has given you? 
  • What is the priority pursuing those resources has in your life?