Conflict of Kings, Part 3: Solomon's Breadth of Mind

Pastor Evan Brown continues in the series, “Conflict of the Kings.”  God answered King Solomon’s prayer by giving him more than wisdom--God blessed him with riches and honor as well (1 Kings 3).  But Solomon got off track when he disobeyed God’s instructions (Deut. 17-14-17).  We learn from Solomon’s life that a good start is not always enough to finish well. We can give our hearts to God, yet we get off track if we do not know God’s word and listen to His instructions.  Solomon warns us that if we live life apart from God, our lives will be meaningless, regardless of our intelligence, education, fulfilled goals, or wealth (Ecc. 1:2).  God’s thoughts and plans for us are higher than our own.  We can live a life full of true meaning as we grow in our relationship with God and listen to His instructions.