What is the Kingdom and Why Does it Matter?

What is the Kingdom of God but God’s sovereign rule over all His creation? Today we segued from the topic of Kingdoms of men, to the Kingdom of God.  Pastor Evan Brown, referencing God’s creation of earth and mankind, noted that God desired relationship with us, and chose us to partner with Him in having dominion over earth.  But in the fall of man, he forfeited that collaboration by instead choosing to partner with God’s and man’s enemy.  However, God had always had a plan.  In Mark 1: vs 14-15, Jesus tells the Galileans to proclaim the good news; “The kingdom of God has come near.  Repent and believe the good news!” God once again made it possible for man to choose to partner with Him through belief in His gift of reconciliation
to us.  His death and resurrection paved the way for us to give away our own lives and live for Jesus in His kingdom as His ambassadors, to bring God’s salvation to others. 

When we submit to God’s principles, as His agents, we experience abundant life within His kingdom.