Before The Beginning Of The Modern Church

Pastor Evan Brown speaks on the topic, “How can we at Coastlands expand the Kingdom of God?”  After Christ’s resurrection, it was Jesus’ personal encounters with His Disciples that brought peace to calm their fears.  And as the Disciples spent time with Jesus and they grew in their understanding that Jesus was the living Christ, their love and desire to serve Him grew to the point of willingly giving up their lives to advance the Kingdom.  Yet Jesus did not leave His Disciples alone to do this work on their own strength.  He promised the gift of the Holy Spirit to give them the power to carry on the work of the Kingdom.   In the same way today, we can grow in our effectiveness to advance the Kingdom when we take time to encounter the living Christ, grow in our understanding of His love and work for us on the cross, and we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  Scripture references are from John 20 and Acts 1.