RFS Sunday - Revelation Revealed

Pastor Evan Brown introduces an exciting new six-week series that will be offered this summer titled, “Revelational Framework.”  Many of the topics that will be covered will revolve around the fact that God reveals truth to us that we cannot access by our own understanding and yet God’s truth is always founded and confirmed in the scriptures.  This week, Judy Gonzales shares her personal story of how God has revealed Himself to her at various times in her life that has resulted in greater understanding, spiritual insight, and freedom to overcome areas of oppression.  In addition, we study how Jesus gave his followers new revelation by: 1) Opening their eyes to see a spiritual reality within their physical setting; 2) Opening the scriptures to give them understanding beyond what they already knew; and 3) Opening their minds to give them spiritual insight that had not yet been revealed to them.  God promises to be found by all who seek Him.  He gives wisdom freely without reproach.Yet God’s truths are inaccessible with the human mind alone.  These truths are only accessible by revelation from God and through the Scriptures.  This week’s passages are from Luke 10:21-24, Luke 24:1-10, and Luke 24:27-32.