RFS Sunday: The Diligence to Keep Our Hearts From Hardness

Today Pastor Lindsay Brown expands on an earlier teaching (7.17.18 podcast) in which she summarized various aspects of breaking free from that which hinders our walk with God and keeps us from entering His rest (the promised land). Her focus today is the heart. Since God knows what is in my heart, where is my heart for God? And since God goes before me, do I trust Him and am I willing to follow Him? Or am I suffering from hardness of heart? Pastor Lindsay takes us to the book of Hebrews, in which the author is reminding Jewish believers about God’s faithfulness in offering His rest and warning them to be careful not to let “an evil, unbelieving heart lead them away from the living God” (Hebrews 3:12 ESV). If you want to enter [God’s] rest, He says, “Do not harden your hearts” and do as the Israelites did (Hebrews 3:8–11, 15–19, 4:1–13).

Pastor Lindsay covers a variety of aspects of hard-heartedness (what that means, how to guard our hearts against it, how to identify hard-heartedness [for example, through pride, fear, unrepentance, unbelief, rebellion]). Her teaching encourages each of us to answer the following questions: how do I break free of it and enter God’s rest? (Hebrews 4:1–11, 12:1ff). And how do I apply the Word of God to my life? (Hebrews 4:12, which emphasizes our innermost being). Pastor Lindsay also points us to our Great High Priest (Hebrews, chapter 4 and 8, and Hebrews 10:19–22) as a reminder of whom we serve: a God of compassion, a God who has made a way for us to enter His rest, and a God who is with us through it all, God of hope.