Abram, The First Ever To Tithe, Part 2

Pastor Evan Brown continues in the series on Tithing.  We find the first mention of tithing in the scriptures in Genesis 14-15.  After Abram miraculously wins a battle to rescue his cousin Lot from captivity in Sodom, Abram gives Melchizedek, a priest of the Lord, one-tenth of everything he had in acknowledgement that God gave him this unlikely victory. Tithing began in this moment when Abram was beginning to experience the unfolding of a promised-based covenant relationship with the God of heaven and earth.  Tithing is a life-giving principle that continues today. It is a statement about God’s faithfulness to His promised-based covenant relationship with us.  It is an acknowledgement of our reliance on God’s strength and what He can do, which is more than what we can do our own. It is a beautiful reminder of our own lack of capability and our dependence on God alone.  For some, money represents security, protection, identity, success, and status.  But God wants to be those things for us.  Like the promise given to Abram, God tells us, “Fear not, I am your shield and your very great reward.”