Altars and Doorposts

One of the ways the Israelites commemorated specific victories, visions, or miracles God had done for them was to erect an altar. Joshua built an altar of uncut stones to celebrate Israel’s victory over Ai. Jacob set up a stone and anointed it with oil to mark the place where he encountered God in a dream. God also instructed the Israelites to remember His Law: to talk about it, to teach it to the next generation, and even to write His words on the doorposts of their homes. Drawing from these ancient patterns, pastors Evan Brown and Kevin Kammerman invite us to contribute to a physical foundation for the spiritual work God is doing in us and through us as a church and as individuals.

Scripture references, Altars: Joshua 8:30-35, Genesis 28:10-22. Doorposts: Deuteronomy 6:6-9