The Test Of Tithing, Part 2

Evan continues the series on tithing from Malachi, Chapter 2, where God addresses the actions and attitudes of Israel: “What is the point of serving God?” and ”I keep seeing people who don’t serve God prosper.”  God answers Israel in Malachi 3, when He announces His master plan for the salvation of the world, and how He will prove His plan true.

We are often like the Israelites thinking, “I know better!” or “If I were God, I would do this or that differently.” Like a young hungry child that keeps saying “I'm hungry” as the mother is trying to make lunch for the child, Evan cautions us in making judgments against people or God in our situations, because our view and understanding are so limited. 

God is not after our money, He is after our heart and our trust. God wants us to test Him, just like He asked Israel to test Him -- with giving back the first 10% of our resources and watch what He does with our time, energy and finances.