The Test of Tithing

In a continuation of a study on tithing, Pastor Evan takes us to the final book in the Old Testament, Malachi. The book is a statement of who God is and how He is working in our lives. The prophet Malachi begins his message with God’s proclamation of His great and perfect love for His people (1:2). He then continues with a series of rebukes from God to His unfaithful followers, who in turn ask God, “What are You talking about? What do You mean? How have we dishonored You?” God’s reply: You doubt My love (1:2), despise My name (2:7), give Me blemished offerings (2:7-8, 10, 12-14), and rob Me of My due (3:8-9).

Malachi’s message in chapter 3 about tithing includes how God’s blessing in honoring Him (3:10-11) is embedded in His broader message of His faithfulness versus the consequences of the faithlessness of His people in not giving Him their best.

Note especially some of Pastor Evan’s practical parenting analogies regarding authority, obedience, discipline, patience in explaining with love the consequences of disobedience and the advantages of obeying authority.