Christ is The Head

In the continued theme of focusing on Jesus, we see a stark contrast in Col. 2:16-23 between what seems wise to men vs. what is valued by God. It is easy to be tricked into believing righteous-sounding requirements (do not do this, do not do that) which only leads us to have an inflated perception of ourselves and distracts from what is indeed righteous:  connecting ourselves and others with Jesus. Living our lives by these man-made rules is like living in the blue print vs. the house, which Jesus has built for us, and we get to live in together. The love of Jesus is no longer a shadow of what’s to come – it is with us right now. And, in that same love, just as joints working together in unison, we need each other. We are a body in which Jesus is the Head and by whom all things “grow with the increase that is from God” (vs. 19). Our source of life is Jesus, and we need to place our focus continually on Him.