(Re)aligning Our Thinking with the Truth of God's Grace

Pastor Josh continued with the theme of growing in Christ by emphasizing that it is by God’s grace, not by our works, that we are saved. Works are not what define us in the Lord. Jesus is our reference point.
By trying to prove our worth based on what we do, we build a pattern that can overwhelm our thoughts, allowing room in our thinking for things that are not true. This steals our spiritual birthright. In response, we often feel compelled to try to “do good” to make up for the bad we do, instead of apologizing and asking for forgiveness. Ultimately, we change not by trying hard, but as a result of receiving and walking in God’s grace.

Eph 2:5. “We were once dead in the world, but now by grace are saved through faith.”  
Christ, the new covenant, fulfilled and replaced the law and the old covenant, making possible salvation to all by God’s grace.  
Acts 15: 11 “…We believe that through the grace of Christ we shall be saved even as they.”  (Jews and Gentiles alike)
Acts 15:24 “…We have heard that certain men have disturbed you, upsetting your soul by saying you must be circumcised and keep the law; we have never commanded these things!” Works puts the attention on self, leaving God out of the equation.