Jesus as a Reference : How He Stayed Focused

Jesus’s first followers were confused about who He was, where He came from, why He came, what He was all about, or where He was going. Although they did not understand much of His teaching, many of them continued to follow Him and ask Him questions (John 7). The written Word of God answers these questions for us. We have learned in particular that Jesus is our example of how to live a godly life and demonstrate the love of the Father. We know that the Father sent Jesus to do His will and to accomplish His work (John 4:34; 7:16, 28-29, 32; 9:4). Jesus charges us to carry on the work that He completed while on earth. To do this we need to stay focused and make it our mission to feed the spiritually hungry with the knowledge of God and His love and peace. Our work is to reap that which Jesus originally sowed and to harvest what will become spiritual food for the lost (John 4:35-38). May we all take advantage of opportunities to feed others with the goodness of God.

John 4:31-38; 9:1-5; chapter 7, esp. verses 7:16-18, 26-39