Walking in His Inheritance ; Peru Mission - Part 2

This Sunday, Kevin Kammermann, of the pastoral team at The Coastlands, shared about his 13-day mission trip to Peru with three other team members. During a period of continued sleeplessness and feeling completely empty leading up to the trip, Kevin was reminded during a prayer time that he would be relying on the Holy Spirit, not his energy level or even his memory, to give him the right words for each situation. That became the theme of the trip as the team visited all 9 of the Foursquare churches there. The team experienced God's provision, from speaking to the youth at one church about the hope and the future God has for them to praying for each individual church member at another to seeing the amazing dedication the Foursquare Peruvians have, sometimes in significant poverty. God makes life small sometimes, so that He can show how big his Spirit is and can bring us further into the riches of our inheritance.