153 Fish

Guest speaker Daniel Brown bases today’s teaching around what he has been learning about discipleship through his extensive worldwide travels over the past many many many many many years (decades!!) during which he has met and established relationships with other people. Discipleship simply requires our living for the sake of others. Am I doing this? Am I obedient to Jesus’ direction to us to make disciples? Using Peter as an example (John 21:15-19), Pastor Daniel offers some clues as to how each of us can each measure our devotion to God and our level of spiritual growth in Him. Our answers to a few questions can help us to determine our spiritual maturity. Is what I say I believe about who Jesus is and how He cares for me reflected in my love for others and how I care for them? Can I gauge my love for Jesus on how I treat others? Does my love for Jesus show up in how I feed His lambs? Is my love for Jesus obvious in the way I tend His sheep? Am I moving forward toward Him and the people He has placed in my care? Does my life give glory to God?