We Are Named

Last week in his study on covenant, Pastor Evan Brown introduced us to the four essential elements of covenant—exchanging names, shared history, making vows, and accepting consequences—and discussed the importance of our need to understand how these elements impact our lives. This week he examines the first of these four elements—exchanging names. Using scriptural examples, he discusses the meanings of some biblical names and points out how the power of names establishes one’s identity, whether in positive or negative ways. He concludes that names (not just our birth names but also the names that others—for example, parents, siblings, peers, teachers—might put on us throughout our lifetime) can greatly influence both our relationship with God (depending on what we believe about who He is and how He sees us) and our relationships with those around us. This teaching might prompt you to ask yourself, Am I known? Am I loved? Does God love me? Do I belong? Am I good enough? Do I matter?

Scriptures—Genesis 2:20, 23; 3:20; Revelation 2:17; Isaiah 56:3-8; 62:1-5