A Name Means More Than You Think

In continuation of the series on "Covenant," Pastor Evan Brown expands on the first element of "Covenant": the exchanging of names. This morning we studied the name changes of Abram ("Exalted Father") to Abraham ("Father of a multitude") and the revelation of God's name (I AM WHO I AM) to Moses. Through personal stories Pastor Evan shows that there is much significance in: the name(s) we call ourselves; the name(s) others call us; the names we call the people we are in covenant relationship with--and in our corresponding actions and attitudes.

And remember: Gods Name (I AM WHO I AM) is the same as His identity, which is the same as what He does! The name the Lord gives each of us will have the same characteristic: it will give us a clue of who He made us to be and what we are supposed to do. What is the evolving name the Lord is giving or has given you?

Genesis 16:16-17:5
Exodus 3:2-7 and 11-15