What is a typical day at VBS like?
Teams of 6-10 boys or girls are led by an adult while enjoying daily sports, crafts, large assemblies with singing, dancing and skits, morning and afternoon snack breaks, themed events, and team lessons on valuable life principles. The F-U-N runs all day – 9am drop-off until 5pm pick-up. A more detailed schedule is in our registration brochure.

How do I get a registration brochure?
Click here to download the pdf of the 2017 registration brochure! And register today!!

Does VBS fill up? What can I do if my child’s grade is full?
Our Vacation Bible School does fill to capacity each year. The number of children we can enroll is based on the number of team leaders we have. Because there are varying numbers of children who register at each grade, we have to close some grades before others. We do our best to accommodate everyone, but if your child’s grade is full you will have the option of placing his/her name on a waiting list.

Why does the registration brochure ask what
church I attend?

The main goal of our Vacation Bible School is to serve children who don’t attend church on a regular basis. Because of this, we carefully consider our overall enrollment figures in order to make sure there is space available for children who don’t attend a church regularly.

As our registration begins to fill up, we will give priority to families with no church affiliation. Please understand that this isn’t meant to exclude anyone. We simply want to be faithful to the primary goal of our VBS—to serve children in families who don’t attend church regularly.

What ages does VBS serve?
Our Vacation Bible School program serves children entering grades 1-6 in the following school year.

My child has attended VBS for several years and would like to be a CHAMP. Is that possible?
Our CHAMP program is only open to youth who regularly attend The Coastlands’ youth group, “The House.” 

Are the adult team leaders screened?
Since we are fully committed to providing a safe environment for your child, we have an extensive screening process for our volunteers.

Why do I have to show a photo ID to pick up my child?
When you register your child for VBS, you will provide us the names of people who have permission to pick up your child. We check the ID of every person picking up any child to make sure we have permission to release your child. Please be patient with this extra step. We want your child to be safe.

What happens if I have to pick up my child early from VBS?
If you have to pick up your child early from VBS, please park in the temporary parking in our front parking lot. Then walk to our Information Tent. We will locate your child. Because there are non-stop activities going on all day on our very large campus, please add just a few extra minutes to your pick up time.

How does my child find out which team he/she is on?
The week before VBS, your child will get a postcard in the mail from his or her team leader. When you drop off your child on Monday morning, we will assist your child in locating their team area.